About Us

HardPoint Capital Partners, LLC is an investment management firm solely dedicated to HardPoint Conservation Partners LP, a land-investment fund firmly rooted in conservation and sporting ethos. The fund will acquire a portfolio of farms and ranches across the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain states exhibiting the characteristics necessary to deliver superior returns to investors through property appreciation and revenue generation.

Target property types—vacant farmland and ranchland with excellent sporting, conservation and habitat enhancement potential—represent an asset class that is underserved and often undervalued, and is centered at the intersection of several growing investment trends: agricultural land, sporting properties, recreational ranches, and conservation-minded, socially responsible investments. The goals of the fund are to provide superior returns to investors with limited risk by carefully selecting farms and ranches, enriching wildlife and fishery habitats on those properties with long-term conservation measures, and driving revenue streams from multiple sources—agriculture and conservation programs being primary. 

We are sportsmen, and the fund will provide investors with recreational access to the properties, each managed to develop robust ecosystems and premier hunting and fishing opportunities—all on private land and all owned by an exclusive group of investors.

A nationally prominent team with a diverse and complimentary skill set leads the fund, including some of the most powerful conservation policy advisors in America. The fund’s regional conservation partners are leading professionals with unparalleled expertise in real estate analysis and marketing, ecological assessment, wildlife and fisheries management, conservation implementation, and agricultural advisement within each of the Fund’s target markets.



The HardPoint Advantage

The HardPoint Advantage


Hard Assets. Vacant lands, particularly mixed-use farm and ranch lands, make historically safe investments. Real property assets provide an excellent investment hedge, and property types targeted by the fund have generated appreciation in excess of 20% per annum over the last 5-plus years, on average. The specific land categories in HardPoint’s target regions have never lost value over any 10-year period in history. 

Whole Property Revenue Optimization.  Portfolio properties will be selected and managed to create revenue streams via agriculture, conservation programs and easements, ecosystem-based markets such as water quality credits, carbon offsets and various emerging markets, plus other income, such as water rights and mineral rights.

The Sportsman’s Premium.   Properties with mixed ecosystems, including cropland, hardwood or softwood forest, hills or ravines, wetlands, or riparian areas, are typically undervalued to agricultural producers (who prefer properties with 100% agricultural efficiency) but are extremely attractive to sporting, recreation, and conservation-minded property buyers. These buyers typically pay 15% to 25% premiums for land managed for wildlife and fisheries habitat and this market is rapidly gaining momentum.

Access.  Limited Partners are owners, with permissions to use all properties for hunting, fishing, hiking, and other recreational purposes. 

Analysis.   Through our Regional Conservation Partners’ asset evaluation models coupled with local expertise, we will seek properties at below-market value and with above-average habitat improvement and appreciation potential.  Our Professional Partners are leaders in the conservation and land-trust sectors, with connections to America’s largest and most influential conservation organizations, government entities, and ecosystem-based markets, all significant advantages in identifying premium properties, high value conservation opportunities, and maximizing land purchases, revenue, and returns. Our Regional Conservation Partners are experts in managing eco-resources, and will manage and continually monitor each property for optimal improvements and income. 

Purpose Driven.   Conservation is the cornerstone of HCP and we will strive to create far more robust ecosystems than we started with, often with paid, long-term protections in place.

Expertise. Our internal and external staff includes some of the most knowledgeable and powerful members of the fund management, conservation, real estate, biology/ecology, and sporting communities.